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Super Impression

Super Impression

Super Impression - improver for all breads

The perfect improver for all your baking goods.

It gives the correct expansion at all weak flour (soft and type M yellow), fine crumb structure with an amazing crust.

20 kg     0,5 - 1 %

Danish Mixes


Rugmel - Rye wholemeal

Coarse rye flour, wholemeal rye bread with low fat and gluten. Продължение...

Dark Rye

Dark rye bread - rye Black

The black rye bread is healthy and well-known as a traditional Danish rye bread without seeds. Продължение...

Basis Deluxe

Basis Deluxe - Multigrain

With the basic Deluxe 40/60 mix you can make wonderful breads, where the taste and appearance is a delight. Продължение...

Soft Grain rye

Soft grain rye - Heavy black wholegrain

The rye bread will dissuade those who do not eat rye bread.
Rye coarse bread with high nutritional fiber. Продължение...

Nordic saeter - Scandinavian Light Bread

Nordic saeter - Scandinavian Light Bread

Light and tasty countryside bread. Продължение...

Corn bread

Light corn bread

Excellent soft corn with whole corn chips, with a golden color specialist for the production of delicious fluffy corn.


Original Danish pastry

Original Danish pastry

With this mixture we produce the famous Danish pastry dough that has Продължение...


Panifico-For delicious Italian bread

Panifico makes it easy and fast to produce a wide range of Italian bread. Продължение...

Basic Starter

Basic Starter-natural yeast

A special type of natural yeast in dry form, which contains Продължение...

Super Impression

Super Impression - improver for all breads

The perfect improver for all your baking goods. Продължение...

Gold Impression

Gold Impression- natural improver for the yellow bread

Improver for bread, gives a natural golden color to your bread, Продължение...

Cereals Musli - Flakes for breakfast

An endless series of small packages with cereals musli for a wholesome, healthy breakfast. Продължение...

free gluten bread

Free gluten bread - Flour without gluten

Gluten-free flour for people who are allergic to gluten. Продължение...

Flour without gluten and milk

Gluten-free and milk free flour for people who are allergic to gluten and to lactose. Продължение...

Formatto-Vegetable oil spray

Formatto-Vegetable oil spray

A simple spray with "Formatto" is enough to get clean cooking sheets, pans, Продължение...

Oat Flakes

Produced by hydrothermal treatment of oat cereals, suitable for decoration as well & for special types of bread (multigrain) and for Продължение...


Extra tasty sesame from Sudan with 99.99% purity. Продължение...