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About Chalkidiki Flour Mills sa

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About Chalkidiki Flour Mills sa
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The combination of technology and experience enables us to create a variety of stable end products that satisfy the most demanding professional in the bread and pastry industry.

Delivering more than 100 standard mixtures of flour, we specialize in the manufacture of "custom made" flour mixtures for our customers and partners.

Our excellent machinery and equipment add to the efficiency of production and storage in grain warehouses with capacity of 60.000 MT. in the form of silos and flat storage.

Drier and special refrigeration equipment for proper maintenance of raw material. Also modern and functional storage space used for storage of finished products.

  • Distribution of packages: 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg and 5 kg
  • For retail costumers: 25 kg and 50 kg for professional use

Also supply the largest companies in the industry, proprietary silo and in packing big bags.