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Organic flour t. 550

Organic flour t.550

Suitable for organic bread.

25 kg

Organic Flour

Organic flour t. 405

Suitable for bread and confectionary products. Продължение...

Organic flour t.550

Suitable for organic bread. Продължение...

Organic Wholegrain flour

Suitable for organic wholegrain bread. Продължение...

Organic flour type M

For organic rustic yellow bread. Продължение...

Organic Wholegrain type M

For organic wholegrain bread flour produced from organic durum wheat. Продължение...

Organic Rustic bread mix

Wonderful light rye bread with flavor, contains 20% rye. Продължение...

Organic wholegrain rye mix

Contains all the healthy ingredients in cereals, vitamins, minerals, fiber. Продължение...


Organic Yoghurt bread mix

This popular flour has many variations in use: Продължение...